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Kyle Alden Down in the West Volume 1 (2013) full length CD of original music
Kyle Alden Songs From Yeats’ Bee-Loud Glade (2011) 13 Poems of W. B. Yeats set to music
Kyle Alden Tangletown (2008) full length CD of original songs
Kyle Alden Hello Again Kind Stranger (2008) full length CD of original songs
Kyle Alden Hubbub (2005) six song EP
Kyle Alden Ballad of a Sleepwalker (2004) single song, two versions
Kyle Thayer Rainshadow (1993 cassette, 2002 CD) full length, instrumental
Various Artists EcoFest Compilation (2009) “Gasoline Trampoline”
Various Artists EcoFest Compilation (2008) “Wedding Cake Smile”
Various Artists EcoFest Compilation (2007) “Buckeye Song”
Other: Kyle has played guitar and/or octave mandolin on the following recordings:
Various Artists BACDS compilation Swinging on a Gate (2001)
Todd Denman A Celtic Christmas (2000) Anair Records, SF
Sarah Franklyn My Sacred Heart (1999)
Stone Circle Great Dreams (1997)
Todd Denman and Bill Dennehy Like Magic (1995) Anair Records, SF